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4 Factors to Consider When Hanging Shade Sails

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Shade sails are simple garden features that improve the aesthetic of a landscape as well as providing shade. The shade sails look like sheets of a canvas like material attached to fixed posts or trees provided they were already conveniently placed. Shade sails get erected for various purposes such as a car shade covers and relaxation spots that provide shade from the sun. There are numerous ready-made shade sail kits available on the market; however, before erecting any shade sail, there are four factors that should get considered.


•    Location. When building shade sails, it is important to choose a suitable position where there is a wall, trees or posts to provide hanging support for the sail. Apart from providing support, trees and walls also act as wind barriers so that the motion of the wind doesn't cause any disturbance to the occupants underneath the sail. When looking for a suitable spot, it is also essential to consider the movement of the sun across the sky. Building the shade next to trees or walls strategically placed to block the sun's glare will maximize the duration of the shadow irrespective of the sun's position. For instance, you can set the sails next to a wall running adjacent to the movement of the sun so that there is ample shade during the morning or evening period.  

•    Post. If the location selected doesn't have a wall or trees around for support, then you will have to erect posts to serve the purpose. The holes for the posts should be sufficiently deep, to accommodate at least a third of the length of the posts. Make sure the posts get firmly fixed to the ground; you can attach a bolt at the bottom of each post to secure them to the ground. Alternatively, you can secure the poles by pouring cement into the holes while the posts get carefully held in a perpendicular position to the ground.  

•    Design. There are numerous styles for erecting shade sails. If you want a more elaborate design, you can erect two or three sails at different elevations so that they create an attractive display. It is important to note that a more detailed design requires more sails and posts; thus it could get expensive to construct a complex design due to the increase in the number of materials to use.  

•    The material of the sail. There are various materials used to build a shade sail. These materials vary regarding their heat transference capabilities, transparency as well as durability. The type of sail material used typically depends on the user's preference as well as budget. Thus you can inquire about the best materials to use from the local shade sails vendor by describing what you are looking for as well as your budget range.