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Why Is Your Glass Sliding Door Lock Not Working?

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Glass sliding windows are a huge convenience for your home, which makes sliding glass doors an even better addition for your home! From pool areas to exterior kitchens or even an entire room in your house, glass sliding doors make a massive difference. Nevertheless, whether you have installed a multi-panel door or a two-panel glass door, you will still encounter problems with the lock.

And if you have not had these sliding doors (or windows) for a while, you may be stumped about the issue. This article delves into a few of the reasons why your glass sliding door lock is not working based on the problem you are facing.

The sliding glass door is sliding slowly

When you find it hard to move the sliding glass door, and it just seems to budge a few centimetres at a time, it probably means that the track rollers are worn out and need to be replaced. In some cases, it may even insinuate that the track rollers are broken altogether. When you seek window glass services, they can replace these tracks for your sliding window or door easily. Instead of forcing movement and exerting unnecessary pressure on the glass, which could cause it to break.

The sliding glass door is getting stuck

Due to temperature changes in the summer and the winter, your property will start to settle. This settlement is especially true for old houses rather than pre-built homes that have decades to acclimatise. When you begin to experience sliding glass door problems, it could be stemming from the walls pushing against the door frames. 

If this is not looked at once it starts to manifest, it can lead to the walls malforming the door frames. If you find that your sliding glass doors are experiencing problems intermittingly on the tracks, you may have to start deliberating on a replacement door.

The sliding glass door lock is not working

When your sliding glass door is not working, there are two reasons that could be in play. First, you may have had cheap handles installed on your doors that would compromise the functioning of the lock. Secondly, you may have bought cheap locks that can quickly become damaged when the doors are put to excessive use or are exposed to ritual slamming. 

When the door slams, so do the frame and the lock within. Hence, the lock rattles, eventually displacing the components from their original position. It is best to have a certified locksmith examine the damage, identify the problem and subsequently furnish you with an appropriate sliding glass door lock.

For more information, contact your local sliding door lock repair service.