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Outdoor Blinds: 4 Maintenance Tips to Help You Increase Their Lifespan

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When thinking about installing blinds in your home, it is natural to envision them inside the house and not outside. However, installing outdoor blinds has benefits that most homeowners have not thought about. Outdoor blinds provide shelter from the sun while allowing a cool breeze to pass through. For this reason, most homeowners in Australia find it sensible to install these blinds in their patios and verandas.

However, the challenge with outdoor blinds is that they are usually exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, such as extreme temperatures. So, they need proper maintenance to extend their life and make them a bit more effective. Below are some useful tips for cleaning and maintaining outdoor blinds so you can make the most out of them.

Keep Them Safe From Bad Weather

Though outdoor blinds are designed for the outdoors, prolonged exposure to harsh weather can damage them beyond repair. For this reason, you must keep them safe to prolong their life. Roll up the blinds immediately when you notice signs of unfriendly weather. This helps keep them safe from the effects of bad weather and reduces the risk of permanent damage.

Wipe Away Dust Softly

Outdoor blinds will accumulate dirt and dust after using them for some time. If the dust particles are not cleaned off, they may cause scratches on the blinds. The scratches don't just make these additions unsightly or unattractive, but they also reduce their lifespan. For this reason, it is important to regularly wipe down the blinds using soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing the blinds too hard as this can rip up the fabric. 

Roll Them All the Way Down

Outdoor blinds are designed to roll all the way down. So, keep the outdoor blinds rolled down completely and ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions when doing so. When you don't roll them down correctly, crinkles are likely to form on the blinds. Also, if you roll them down halfway, some parts of the outdoor blinds will sag. It's advisable to roll down these additions, especially when you see signs of an approaching storm, to ensure that extreme rain and winds won't have a toll on them.

Dry Them Before Storing

Many homeowners roll the blinds when they are still wet not knowing they are doing the wrong thing. Usually, the moisture inside the blinds can easily damage the blinds, especially those made of wood and fabric. Such materials absorb the moisture, creating a conducive environment for mould and bacteria growth. Getting rid of these organisms once they grow on the blinds is not easy. So, you may have to dispose of the blinds to prevent these organisms from spreading into your house. Therefore, allow the outdoor blinds to dry completely before you roll them for storage. If you can't wait for the blinds to air dry, use a soft, absorbent fabric to dab the moisture.

Outdoor blinds offer numerous benefits. They increase your home's aesthetics and protect the windows. So, use the tips above to take care of them and increase their lifespan.