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Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Blinds for Your Patio

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A patio is a great spot from which to enjoy a lovely sunny day. However, in some hot, windy, or rainy conditions, you may be more tempted to avoid the patio as it is so exposed. To overcome this, install outdoor blinds, which will provide shelter. Here are several considerations to think about when choosing an option. 


You can pick between various materials for these blinds, depending on what role you want them to perform. If you love wet weather, you might want to sit on the patio and listen to the rain drumming on the roof. In that case, you could opt for PVC blinds, which block the water and the wind but give you a view of the outside. Alternatively, you might want the blinds to provide shade and stop the patio from baking on a hot day. Thus, sunscreen or canvas blinds may be best. These designs filter your view, but they don't block it. So you can relax on a summer's day and not feel shut inside.

Another aspect to consider is how well your patio is protected when you're not there. If you've decorated the patio with tiled flooring and attractive furniture, you don't want everything to fade and become sun-damaged. Outdoor blinds help to prevent this. Both PVC and fabric blinds can block UV rays and protect your investment. You can check particular models to discover the percentage of UV light they block.


When it comes to patio blinds, you have many options for how they operate in the space. You can install blinds that roll along a tracking mechanism on pillars or posts. These designs don't create a lot of gaps, and they give a sense of a wall, so the patio feels like an outdoor room. Other hand-operated blinds may fasten to the ground when they're extended, so they don't feel as solid. Some models are motorised, making their function ultra-convenient.


The colour of the blind fabric and metal parts is something else you should consider. Screen and canvas fabrics come in various colours, such as grey, beige, and navy. To harmonise them with your house, repeat a colour that is found on the building. For example, echo the hue of the roof, guttering, trim or external walls. The blinds will also need to blend with the patio flooring. The metal parts are usually powder coated in various colours, allowing you to choose a suitable option.

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