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What Are the Benefits of Triple Glazing?

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Just about every Australian homeowner, office premises manager and landlord knows that double-glazed window units are better than single-glazed ones. Although triple glazing is increasingly used in North America and Europe, can it really be said that it is beneficial in Australia, as well, given the differing climates? If you are looking to upgrade your windows in the near future and considering all of the various glazing options available to you, then you ought to take a few minutes to understand the advantages that triple-layered glazing can offer. It may surprise you just how beneficial it can be.

Greater Comfort Inside

If you have a window that is south-facing, then it is likely to lose the most heat from the home, often creating a cold patch where you don't want to sit. Conversely, north-facing glazing can be subject to the greatest amount of exposure to the sun, so the space near to it becomes hot rapidly. These extremes of temperature, in both summer and winter, can make your home a little uncomfortable. Your central heating system may need to work that harder to even things out in the building over a cold snap. Equally, air-conditioning units may need to be switched on for longer to keep your home at the desired temperature. Since triple glazing is a much better insulator than either single- or double-glazed products, it will not only reduce your energy bills but make your home that much more comfortable to be in.

Less Noise

External noise from farm machinery, industrial plants or just road usage can be a big nuisance in many Australian homes. If you are keen to cut down the level of external noises without compromising on the amount of natural light that can come into your property, then triple glazing is the best option every time. It insulates you from sound almost as effectively as a conventional wall.

Improved Security

High-quality triple glazing should be installed with an exceptional frame, whether you choose uPVC, wood or aluminium. These tough frame materials provide a good level of security, especially when they are backed up by tamper-proof locks, hinges and latches. However, the glazing element of any window is the most susceptible to unwarranted access because it can be smashed. Laminated glass is commonly used in triple glazing products, which is much tougher than other sorts of pane. Furthermore, three layers of it make gaining access much more problematic for would-be intruders.