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How to Care for Your Leadlight Windows

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Leadlight windows create a beautiful feature in any room; with small sections of coloured glass supported by lead cames, creating the stunning patterns and imagery that give leadlight windows their distinctive look. Leadlight windows are a spectacular window ardornment, and the dappled, coloured, sunlight that filters through the glass enhances the look and feel of any room.

It is essential to clean these pieces of window art frequently in order to keep them looking their best for years to come, as without regular cleaning the stained glass can become dusty and dull, whilst the lead cames can discolour through oxidisation. Regular cleaning of leadlight windows can also alert you to any areas that need professional attention, allowing leadlight repairs to be made swiftly, before any permanent damage is caused to the window.

The proper cleaning of leadlight windows should differ slightly from regular window cleaning, with a few simple steps that should be followed:

Test Any Cleaning Products:

Before you begin the process of cleaning your leadlight windows, it is prudent to carry out a patch test of the cleaning products and materials you intend to use.To do this, simply test each cleaning method on a very small area of each section of differently coloured glass. This is necessary as the variety of coloured glass present in leadlight windows can sometimes react differently to cleaning products, and this step prevents any damage to large areas of the glass.

Use a Soft Dry Cloth:

Ideally, windows should be dusted regularly with a soft dry cloth to remove any residual build up on the glass. If this process does not remove more stubborn dirt, a non-abrasive, ammonia free, PH-neutral cleaner can be used.

In instances where neither of these methods work to remove the dirt from the windows, it could be the time to call in somebody who specialises in leadlight window repairs or servicing. These companies will know the best methods to remove dirt and grime, without damaging the delicate nature of the leadlight window.

Use a Cotton Bud to Clean the Edges

It can be tricky to remove the dirt and grime that often finds its way into the edges where each piece of glass meets the lead cames in a leadlight window. The easiest way to clean this hard to reach area is by dipping a cotton bud into distilled water, then carefully running this along the length of each section of leading. If this is unsuccessful, a gentle soap cleaner can be mixed with the water and this process repeated.

Be Gentle:

Whether it is the cleaning products you use, or the way you clean the glass, the most important thing to remember when cleaning leadlight windows is to be gentle in order to avoid any damage.

Call the Experts:

Cleaning your leadlight windows presents the ideal opportunity to check for any small cracks or faults that may be present. Spotting these types of problems early, and calling in a specialist in leadlight repairs, can keep your windows looking beautiful for years to come.