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Commonly Asked Questions about Roller Shutters

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If you are considering installing roller shutters for your windows, the following questions will give you a huge head start in making the decisions. They are a compilation of many clients' concerns and the way you should handle each case.

What is the cost of security shutters?

The price of the shutter will depend on various factors including the accessories you will require. The prices of shutters can be very competitive, but if you have a rough idea of what you want, your roller shutter provider will be in a position to help you.

Is it possible to customize window shutters with a particular color?

Your shutter supplier should be in a good position to paint the shutters the way you want. In many cases, shutters have a standard factory finish. For instance, steel shutters are galvanized while aluminum shutters come either with a brown, white or a mill finish. You can customize these colors using powder coated or paint color or BS RAL.

Are they installed on the outside or inside of the building?

Installation is done on the outside, but the controlling is done from inside. However, where there are council restrictions, you might find the shutters being installed from the inside. However, fixing them from outside is always preferred.

What are the most common problems with roller shutters?

As long the necessary precautions are taken when installing the shutters, problems are less likely to happen. In case you note a problem, do not try to fix it on your own, call for professional assistance. Also, if the shutters are fitted with locks, do not operate with a motor as you might end up damaging the motor.

What are the service requirements services required once the shutters are installed?

Under normal operations, the shutters will run smoothly. However, you might be needed to lubricate them from time to time. You can agree with your provider to be providing frequent servicing of the shutters to ensure a long life. To avoid unnecessarily rough operating of the shutter, keep the tracks clear always.

How secure are the shutters?

Shutters are greater assets when it comes to security. First, they are strong and are perfect for providing barriers to forced entrance. They also make a lot of noise in case someone is trying to break in, which calls for attention.

Do they retain a lot of heat?

Usually, the shutter will keep approximately 90% of the heat gained through the windows. They, therefore, act as a terrific barrier for heat permeating through the glass.