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What Are The Benefits Of Installing a Screen Door?

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If you already have a durable and sturdy entry door on your home, it's easy to overlook the significance of installing a screen door. Screen doors are designed with screen mesh to block flying insects, birds and airborne debris from entering the house while allowing for light, views and air. Screen doors come in a wide range of sizes, materials and shapes. So, why should homeowners consider getting screen doors? Read on to know more.

Keep out debris, bugs and other damaging materials

Insects and pests are always on a mission to make your residence their home. Whenever you leave your main door open, you will allow them to fly, slither or crawl into the house. Every time you want to air out your residence, you want to ensure unwanted pests don't get into your house. A screen door can help you achieve this goal by offering a layer of protection. It will promote ventilation without inviting unwanted bugs and debris inside.

Easy and quick to install

Screen doors are usually mounted in any entry door, and since they come in a wide range of materials, you can be sure they will match the door frame you currently have. This way, the door will hold correctly and securely after installation. Although the installation of a storm door is simple, this task should only be handled by an expert. You could easily damage the door frame when you try to DIY installation, but an expert knows how to do the job perfectly.

Improved security and privacy

Any additional door that has a lock acts as an extra security barrier for any building. A screen door can also be designed with a locking mechanism, allowing you to screen all your visitors once you open the first door. This way, you will avoid dealing with the stranger face-to-face, especially if they don't look friendly. The door can also come with reinforced fibreglass, strengthened screens or advanced vault locks for additional security.

Increased energy efficiency

Other than securing your home and acting as a buffer against elements, screen doors also act as insulators. Whenever it's too hot, you will want to turn on your air conditioner. However, if it's not extremely hot, you can cool your home by opening the front door, and the screen door will let cool air into the house. The money you would have spent on running the AC will be saved. During cold weather, the screen door will also act as a barrier by preventing leaks and keeping warm air inside the house.